We need help with HOA committees!!


An item coming out of the most recent board meeting is a reaffirmation that we need folks to help with neighborhood committees. I know folks say they can’t make the board meeting, but these committees are ways you can help in the community and y’all can meet any time that is more convenient (e.g. weekends). In particular there are three committees we need help on:

1. Landscaping committee. This committee is primarily responsible for helping to chart the course forward in terms of common area care and maintenance. While we call it landscaping committee, it extends to the pool area, clubhouse, etc. Thomas Fons is the committee chair for the landscaping committee.
2. Social events committee. This committee is primarily responsible for managing and putting on community wide events such as garage sales, community meet and greets, holiday celebrations, etc.
3. Communication committee. This committee is primarily responsible for managing the communications to/from the community. For example, updating the official www.kinglakes.com website with content. Managing email lists. Communicating information on social media.

If you have an interest in any of these committees please contact Graham Management with your interest, contact information, etc. so they can coordinate who is on a committee. Each committee will need an official chairperson, and the expectation is that someone from the committee can show up at the board meetings (or tell Graham what they have going on) if the board needs to be notified or needs to vote accordingly. Keep in mind, this person doesn’t need to be the same person, just as long as *someone* can keep the board informed.