Wea Culpa – Recycling is on Monday, not Thursday

All, In the mailing insert that went our recently it was erroneously reported that recycling was on Thursdays. That is not correct. Recycling pickup (to include Simple Recycling for clothing and similar items) remains on Mondays. Thursdays is a trash only pickup day. The last Thursday of every month is Heavy trash. These items are […]

Welcome to David MacLellan as the newest board member

As most know, last month at the board meeting Paul Gandhi resigned. Last night David MacLellan was appointed to replace Paul and serve the remainder of his term. If you see David in the neighborhood, tell him hello and congrats (or condolences as the case may be).

Don’t be a sucker!!

It’s that time of year when plants recover from a long (or short in our case) winter and start to grow new growth. When it comes to our trees though, we want that new growth to be on the top and growing higher. You may have noticed trees with “suckers” growing on them. These are […]

Removal of Tree Stakes

All, A lot of folks may have received letters about removing tree stakes. Because so many letters were sent out, we wanted to provide some additional context. Tree stakes were used by the builder on the trees to provide stability while the root system gets established. That process typically takes 1-2 years. At this point […]

All exterior modifications require approval

As a reminder and for clarification, the HOA has never and will never sanction or agree with any vendor about changes that can be made to a home, especially exterior modifications. Aside from the conflict of interest and ethical questions, it’s just not what we do. As a point of fact, the exterior modification policy […]