Monthly HOA board meeting – April 21 at 7:00PM

The HOA board will be having the monthly board meeting this Thursday, April 21st at 7:00PM at the community clubhouse. Please feel free to come out for the meeting, discuss concerns and to meet everyone. The agenda is located here.  

Trash update for 4/18/16

At this time trash service is planned for Thursday. This will include both trash and recycling. Please bring your trash in between now and then to keep it from entering the drainage system. If we learn more/different information we’ll share it as it becomes available

No trash pickup 4/18/16

All, Due to the inclement weather no trash pickup is going to occur on 4/18/16. They will be meeting a little later to decide what the schedule the rest of the week looks like. We will update the website as we know more.

Community Garage Sale – April 23rd!

We are having the community garage sale on April 23rd. The sale will occur at individual homes and the HOA will put some generic sale signage up in the area. Folks are encourage to post/advertise on the various free sale sites in the area.

Another successful Easter Egg Hunt!!

All,   The Easter Egg hunt looks like it was a tremendous success. First the board wants to thank the community events team and the chair, Sandra for all their effort and work.   Second this couldn’t have happened without assistance from various retailers in the area who contributed food, candy, eggs, etc. I wanted […]